Who is Lennie Bezwik?

Lennie Bezwik is an English poet who is currently working on a poetry project about Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

Lennie Bezwik was born in a red cave below the ground, underneath the rubble remaining from the Dresden bombing. His parents were hunters who had survived the last ice age among a small tribe of highly skilled mountainous people in the North-West region of the Iberian Peninsula, near the Bay of Biscay.

As a child, Bezwik believed that he could communicate with pagan gods who hadn’t directly contacted humans on Earth since the ancient times. He claimed that there had never been a single god who created the universe. Instead, the universe was made by two goddesses. According to Bezwik, these goddesses were naked identical twin sisters with spiky pink hair who conversed with each other in Greek. After expressing these beliefs amongst his closest friends and family members, he was ridiculed and eventually tortured. His community believed that pain would rid his mind of demons or scare him into silence.

Eventually, at the age of 20, Bezwik escaped from the red cave and found refuge in an old English castle that was guarded by schizophrenic elephants and inhabited by a combination of nomadic sorcerers and young worldly scholars who had moved there in hope of learning the many secrets of alchemy. He was educated by a well-respected Scottish stone-lifter, an Italian seamstress and a Hungarian homosexual wine-taster. All three of these professors had vast knowledge of alchemy but Bezwik’s own ideas often conflicted with theirs.

After three years of debates, experiments and arguments, the Italian seamstress awarded Bezwik with a medal for his achievements and contributions to alchemical research in the castle. The medal was made from a mysterious type of stone that had been created in a laboratory using a secret liquid, which some believed to be the elixir of life. It was said that this medal would provide Bezwik with access and acceptance into distant kingdoms from which, common folk were prohibited.

At 23, Bezwik constructed a ship using a combination of wood from stolen bookshelves and bed sheets for the sail. He set off to sea one morning and never returned to England.

Among esoteric circles spanning across the entire European continent, he developed a reputation for being a masterful seafarer who had taught himself how to survive with almost nothing and how to speak in strange foreign tongues.

It is widely believed that he currently resides in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, inside the remains of an abandoned sixteenth century fort. Local people suggest that his ambition is to share the ideas of the goddess sisters with as many people as possible. It is said that in order for him to make contact with them, he must wander the streets alone and consume as much beer as possible. When this happens, his brain receives signals from the moon which he must then transform into written works of free verse poetry. These poems often capture his surroundings at the time in which this transcendental connection is made. However, between the lines something else is being told that only few will ever understand.


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