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She was sitting alone and
sipping a beer and smiling,
escaping something or
awaiting someone

and I glanced at her in
awe of something sweet
and gentle that only I
could see,

and eventually the
scales tipped from
me being still to
approaching her quick

and all barriers dissolved
fast and naturally as we
traded life stories quicker
than I had ever,

opening wide those
windows to the
the rooms where all
the old boxes are kept

and our hands held and
it was perfect
and our lips met and
it was perfect
and our skin touched and
it was perfect

and I took her back to
my room and
treated her body as
perfect as it was

and felt her
and heard her

and tasted
sweet joy
that was

and I knew
we both wanted
to stay there

as I held her perfect
frame in my arms
and kissed her

but those rosary beads
around her neck
would tug her back to
the old community

and force her to stay
away from the outsider
who could never be
in her circle.

– Lennie Bezwik


Last Night

Last night
I spent the best
night of my
life with you,
sitting on the
edge of the silent
pier after sipping beer,
to have you here in
my arms and gently
press my lips against yours
as only the moonlight
shines on the smooth
ripples of water
and fishing boats sparkle
their lights in the distance,
the fresh and cold
morning dew on the
wooden surface where
we rest
as I kiss you and hold you
close and tight until
the sun rises
from out of the ocean,
the best night of
my life.

– Lennie Bezwik

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