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As You Are

When you speak to me
about your pain
I wanna take it out
of you,
kiss you gently
on your golden skin,
heal those wounds,
push life back
into you,
hold you,
love you,
let you know
your safe
and let you know
you needn’t fear
cos you’ll never feel
such grief again,
your ex-lover caught
a bullet in his neck and
you were left alone in
tears and carried on
in stress
though I can never
bring back
the life you
once had
I can do my best to
make you feel
as precious
as you are.

– Lennie Bezwik


On the bus

I learned everything
on the bus,
long journeys and
all colours shoot by,
the upper floor of
the red double decker,
the rat race on either side.
through all seasons and
skies of all shades through
the streets of west London
in the busiest parts of
the days,
traffic jams taught me
the books in my bag
taught me how
to use otherwise wasted
the music in my headphones
taught me to stay
and the monotony told me to
escape while I can,
now here I am in
some foreign land,
opening the balcony doors
to feel the freshness of
the morning draft come in
and kiss my face,
listening to the neighbour’s
gentle guitar strings playing
that take me back to
my days on the bus
where my thoughts and
dreams began.

– Lennie Bezwik

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