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if not my everything
you are peaceful joys,

how you give me dreamy
tearful hours,

how I tell you I’m suffering
on dragging days,

I want to be tired
and drift away,

how jealousy burns me
and clouds my brain,

how I walk on my own
hiding thoughts from my face,

yet my love and life,
my only complaint is

the price of your sweetness is
all of my pain

and it sinks right through me
but I can’t walk away

no I can’t walk away,
you’re my love and
I’m yours.

– Lennie Bezwik



If I only could
get through to you
by more than touching,
kissing, fucking,
if only I could
share with you that
thing I’m feeling,
more than lusting,
that pain, that death,
that long deep breath,
took one long stare into
my eyes
and left
your sweet round eyes
and gentle heart inside
concealed behind walls
out of fear,
kiss me when I’m near,
take my hand again
I wanna have you with me,
to love and
to befriend.

– Lennie Bezwik

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