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Defeat at Wembley

You could be
a ten year old
child crying on
the steps or
a fully grown
man swearing at
the ref,

no words can
raise your players from
the ground,
no tears can
change the score line
on the board,
you came this far with
a heart full of hope
and were robbed of
all joy when
the whistle was blown,

the crushing blow has
been delivered to
your inner child who
your eyes
lower, your chin
falls, your heart
sobs, your team
have lost
at Wembley,

it will always be
someone else’s
and the heartache will
always be

the long road home is
even worse,
the ifs and buts just
empty words,
you try to be
strong but still it hurts
and the heartache will
always be

the scenes are repeated in
the evening news,
you change the channel but
can’t change the truth,
champagne and jubilation was
taken from you
and the heartache will
always be

your girlfriend unaffected,
she can’t understand the
pain of a child that burns
in the man,
she can’t comprehend why
your head’s in your hands
and the heartache will
always be

– Lennie Bezwik


Overnight Glass

overnight glass
With you I want it
to be like that first time,

an eye to eye encounter,
those raven eyelashes fluttering,

our poker faces concealing those
feelings of stargazing at night

in plain sight of trailing lights
shooting by in silver lines

across the endless desert of
the sky

yet never

and now I sip and taste the wine
that’s flattened

and contemplate
in tatters

the ways that I can bring that
sweetness back

so I can take you in
these arms

like I should have
when I had the chance.

– Lennie Bezwik


Part of the battle
of winning you over
of making you want me is
hiding behind this
all fears and wounds and
tears can be found here
where I take some time
to take some air and
think about my next move in
this battle of
loving you,
no rest in
wanting you,
no sleep in
needing you,
here in the
shell-shocked pits where
madness screams inside my
head and takes over me,
this suffering you’ll never see
yet on I fight and slowly
begin to enjoy the battles of
this tiresome war,
this battle of
loving you,
that’s already destroyed the
other parts of my life,
this battle of
loving you
in which it’s too late to
surrender all,
my only thought is
winning you.

– Lennie Bezwik

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