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Your Mist

your flaws,
like in all but

more in you,
I see beneath
that ray of mine
that shines down
through the overcast

humid sky
of this dreary afternoon
in musty spring,
how yet again
a weakened fool has

fallen for a temptress
like you,
the books might tell but
will never cure
this sickness I have,

this love
so pure and strong,
this love
I feel and crave
you evermore.

– Lennie Bezwik


Dancing Derelict

theatre derelict
She’s singing on
an empty stage and
dancing in faint light,

she’s spinning in
her favourite dress to
empty seats and silence,

she gives her all with
teary eyes cos
no-one’s there to
see her move,

the lights are off,
the curtains drawn,
the theatre closed,
now never used.

– Lennie Bezwik

The Maddest Thing

the maddest thing
is that as we speak
and as I keep my cool,
remaining calm and
composed as if I’m
unaffected by your
presence as these
months continue
rolling on and on
and the seasons
change and the tide
rolls in and back out,
the maddest thing
is that you’ve got
no idea what I’ve
been feeling,
a struggle it’s been,
veiling these
sweet wounds,
this weakness,
a struggles it’s been
suffocating the
love-struck soul
inside me
gasping for air.

– Lennie Bezwik


blossoming tulips,
the river surface glowing,
weed smoke lingering,

women in dresses,
buds being born on green stems,
smiles returning,

chairs outside cafés,
endless blue above the trees,
birds tweeting love songs,

yet lonely I walk,
beneath my own dreary cloud,
contemplating you,

as spring emerges
and I can’t evade this shade
where I crave your love.

– Lennie Bezwik


we wait
from distant ends
of the mobile
phone signal,

checking our
yearning for
that message
that makes the
heart flutter,

we wait
and neither
of us send
a single word,

resisting surrender,
we equally

– Lennie Bezwik

Resisting You

I fight your charm with
these bitter lines,

I cut my eye at
your sweet voice and
hold my chin up high,

doing good suppressing
the poison that
you inject into me,

perhaps you think I’m
sullen and hostile
or perhaps you see,

there’s love behind this
bitter frown and there’s
warmth behind these eyes,

there’s weakness beneath
these walls I wear and there’s
loneliness trying to hide,

as I battle against your
sweetness, you see this dark
part of me,

revealing itself in
defensive ways cos I’m
afraid of where I want be.

– Lennie Bezwik

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