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Due Kiss

a matter of time
until I press my lips
against yours,

I imagine it as
we speak
and get a little closer
each week,

stern and

I sense the kiss is
coming like the
coming of

as the spring
us with sunny

before the sky
back to its
sullen ways,

confusing and
the new born

but eventually I
that all will

my nights will
intense and

and mornings will
golden and

your kiss
it seems
so far yet

to have you

– Lennie Bezwik


An Accident

you burn me
without trying,
wound me
without knowing,

you speak to me
through the evening breeze,
sing to me
as the leaves rustle,

you touch me
whether desired or not,
an internal scar
that’ll never heal nor fade,

in an accident
I was pierced by you,
now I move with pain
that can’t be removed.

– Lennie Bezwik

Slipping Up

slipping up
forgive me for
trying too hard to

be the man I thought
you wanted,

watch me slip,
watch me fall,

see my weaknesses
reveal themselves

before your sad
alluring eyes

that I love
that calm me

that capture me
that kill me,

forever no mercy for
this clumsy knight

knocked from his
high horse,

on frozen soil,

humiliated by his own

I say the wrong things,
I make the wrong moves

in my foolish attempt to
get closer to you,

forgive me for


feeling defeated,
imprisoned in silence,

forgive me for
loving you,

I’m sorry
it happened.

– Lennie Bezwik


rope of love
we push and pull
each other in and
out of the love zone
where I think I hope
we both wanna be,
I’m not gonna show you
my love,
I can only hint it through
light ambiguous comments
and wonder if you get them,
you’re not gonna show me
how you feel,
only your sweet straight face,
dark eyes,
dark hair and
no smile
is all I’ve got,
a veil in front of me that I
wanna pierce right through,
penetrate right through and
get to that warm and
beautiful core,
your heart.
funny how the mood changes
every time we speak,
another conversation,
another feeling hidden,
another wound revealed,
another kiss imagined,
each encounter with you
always charming and blissful
and teasing and painful,
ever-changing like
the English weather,
we battle beneath the
Spanish sun and dream
under the same night sky as I
slowly but surely approach
the point of telling you
how I feel with
all to gain
yet still
all to lose.

– Lennie Bezwik

Average Goddess

Loving you in spring is
perhaps better than
loving you in winter,

the daffodils are
out flaunting their
fresh yellow figures
and pale white petals

are whispering the
promise of summer,
loving you in spring is
warmer but still sickening,

still weakening,
leaving me lying in bed
and dreaming and trying
not to imagine you

and rolling around
the covers,
now only a lighter sheet
and waking up

to morning skies that
are blue and clear,
skies that I’ve missed
like I always miss you

the day after seeing you,
loving you in spring
is like sipping
a swanky cocktail,

I know it’s poisonous but
it feels rich
and even better in this
gentle sun even

though I’m paying a high price
and I’m guilty for doing this,
not being strong enough
to get on with my everyday life,

instead I’m distracted by
loving you
like I did in the winter,
I’m foolish for loving you,

this probably average lady
who seems like a goddess
to this fool that I am
for loving you in spring.

– Lennie Bezwik

I Lose

i lose
Contemplating your
mind games under the
pink sunset and the
silhouette mountains,

you’ve persevered with your
desire to be that stronger one,
you won’t allow my equal efforts,
my forced late replies to match yours,

my forced indifference to
compete with yours,
my reluctance to express my love
before I hear about yours,

your perseverance has won and
I’m tired, ready to give up,
you’re stronger,
you win,

I love you,
what more do you want?
weak, flawed
and failed,

love-struck and
at your service,
I love you

– Lennie Bezwik


sometimes it just happens,
you see that person and

every little curve and line
on the face and the eyes

and hair and skin seems
so right, so perfect, so sweet,

it happened today and I
already know that tomorrow

will be stolen away as
thoughts of you will bring that

butterfly burn to my gut and
get my hazy mind dreaming again

and thinking of kissing you in
my own little hapless visions

of paradise.
sometimes it just happens.

– Lennie Bezwik

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