This Shock

Like in all
gritty London boroughs
where all we see is
bricks beneath the
everyday grey skies,
this town drags us
beneath the clouds
beneath the drizzle
swimming in this gutter
but your smile
and teeth
and eyes gave us
around you a lift,
it’s the rare but
sweet little things
like you
that help us
dejected local drinkers and
smokers to stand on
our feet
absorbing your
exclusive radiance,
a sweet ray of
gentle sunshine,
each and every time
we saw you and
saw that smile,
now gone forever
at the hands
of a jealous
your twisted fella
who couldn’t control
what was attacking him
from within,
now sitting in his cell
wondering how the hell
he let one moment of
burning rage
kill you
and take away his
until the grey winters
of old age creep up
over him
and an old and withering
murderer is released
into the cold
and lonely tunnel
of his
latter days,
too much
life lost
thrown away
for nothing,
your dear old
mother suffering and
worst of all
your innocent daughter
not knowing
what’s happened
to her loving mother,
mum’s smile gone,
hair gone,
voice gone,
touch gone,
a sweet ray of
gentle sunshine
dragged into the
centre of a black hole,
how cruel and
this shock,
this pain,
this grief
which belongs to
all of us
who loved
who you were.

– Lennie Bezwik


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About bezwik

Lennie Bezwik is an English poet and lyricist who lives in Spain. Before getting into poetry, Bezwik was part of the London based UK Hip Hop scene, writing songs, producing tracks and performing live rap. Over the last few years, Bezwik has done a lot of travelling, drinking and writing. Nowadays, he sneaks off to dingy little Spanish bars at night and writes poems in his notebook. His biggest inspirations are homelessness, unemployment, booze, love and being dreamy.

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