I’m Fine

Saint Jean Pied de Port
I’m fine when I’m
by the water,
fine when I’m
by the artificial stream
in the park atop the
old city walls
overlooking the Pyrenees
and Basque villages
and horses their
heads down
tucking into grass
in the air
that’s still pure
and the manmade stream
is just as
beautiful as that
which belongs to nature
down below where
the stray cats play
and I’m fine when
I hear the cold and
heavy droplets nourishing
the purified rocks and
I’m fine when I
hear the tide swishing in
and swishing back out
again and the breeze
is only gentle and I’ve
already decided that
I’m calling in sick when
the morning kisses me
cos to ignore the
water’s awe and to
abandon this time and
tide would be an even
greater crime and thus
I wouldn’t feel
so fine.

– Lennie Bezwik


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About bezwik

Lennie Bezwik is an English poet and lyricist who lives in Spain. Before getting into poetry, Bezwik was part of the London based UK Hip Hop scene, writing songs, producing tracks and performing live rap. Over the last few years, Bezwik has done a lot of travelling, drinking and writing. Nowadays, he sneaks off to dingy little Spanish bars at night and writes poems in his notebook. His biggest inspirations are homelessness, unemployment, booze, love and being dreamy.

One response to “I’m Fine”

  1. slpmartin says :

    Indeed there are time when ‘playing hooky’ from work is necessary.

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