As My Eyelids Flicker

In my sleep I
return to Paris
I return to the
summer of that
golden year,
in this dream
I speak in
Portuguese to
Brazilian travellers
and barely recall
my mother tongue,
in my chest I
can feel a longing
with beer cans
on the grass by
the Eiffel tower,
in my head I
am being knocked
into the reality of
daily life by
heavy fists
of the cold morning
as my eyelids flicker for
another bout of work
and cling to this
dream of
being back in Paris
as a 21 year old
lonesome traveller
an open spirit
filled by curiosity
innocence naivety
inexperience and
a wide eyed glance
at sparkling lights
bouncing off Parisian
windows above the
winebars and cafes
at midnight.

– Lennie Bezwik


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About bezwik

Lennie Bezwik is an English poet and lyricist who lives in Spain. Before getting into poetry, Bezwik was part of the London based UK Hip Hop scene, writing songs, producing tracks and performing live rap. Over the last few years, Bezwik has done a lot of travelling, drinking and writing. Nowadays, he sneaks off to dingy little Spanish bars at night and writes poems in his notebook. His biggest inspirations are homelessness, unemployment, booze, love and being dreamy.

3 responses to “As My Eyelids Flicker”

  1. dtdeedge says :

    I went to Paris last night,
    Also in dreams,
    And also a young man in my 20s.
    I was with the Spaniards, though.
    I wonder if we passed each other?

  2. slpmartin says :

    Paris does have an effect on most who enter its arms.

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