So Prince William Sang A Song

So Prince William
sang a song.
The only way I’ll
ever think he’s cool is
if he gives up his royal title,
donates his royal residences
to the homeless,
gets an asbo for
smashing up his Nan’s palace,
swaps caviar and corgis for
pork scratchings and a pit-bull,
does a collaboration album with
Morrissey and renounces his
family’s elitism.
Try harder Will,
you ain’t fooling me.

– Lennie Bezwik


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About bezwik

Lennie Bezwik is an English poet and lyricist who lives in Spain. Before getting into poetry, Bezwik was part of the London based UK Hip Hop scene, writing songs, producing tracks and performing live rap. Over the last few years, Bezwik has done a lot of travelling, drinking and writing. Nowadays, he sneaks off to dingy little Spanish bars at night and writes poems in his notebook. His biggest inspirations are homelessness, unemployment, booze, love and being dreamy.

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