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That Sad Music

I can’t stand that music
that’s sad and weak,
that expresses defeat
that makes you wallow
in your sickness

but I love that music
that’s sad and strong,
that mournfully roars,
that demands you
carry on striving.

That flamenco in Spain,
that fire inside the pain
that resonates duende
from the veins
of gypsies

or that electric blues
blowing smoke inside the room,
drinking red wine in
the red house where
my baby stays.

– Lennie Bezwik


Love’s Gazebo

Lisboa 127
On the edge of
love’s gazebo,
imagining where
you are.

Beyond the river,
within the lights,
piercing my heart
but out of sight,

I’m wooed by nothing
but eyes and hair,
all heart no logic
but couldn’t care,

the feeling is harmful
but still it’s there.
Imagining where
you are.

– Lennie Bezwik


love sickness
Luvsik because you ain’t called,
luvsik because you ain’t texted back,
luvsik because I’m looking at
my phone and counting the minutes,
luvsik because I fear you might
not be interested,
luvsik because I’m weak and
subservient to your charm,
luvsik because I know I’m stupid but
still I carry on,
luvsik because my feeling is mindless,
luvsik because I allow myself to
suffer and get nothing in return,
luvsik because I pretend
to be strong
and nobody knows that
my pain lingers on,
luvsik because I’m suffocated by
your absence,
luvsick because I’m allowing
this shit to happen,
luvsik because you’ve reduced me
to a child,
oversensitive, illogical, wild,
luvsik because I’m looking
for distractions,
trying to keep busy to
keep you out of my thoughts,
luvsik because you’ve invaded
my head and heart
by doing nothing
except for
being you.

– Lennie Bezwik

Day Defeat

day defeat
drinking beers is vacuous,
keeping fit is temporary,
hate poisons others,
love poisons the self.

life is loss
so instead of running
away from fate
I drink those beers
and flirt with

She wants me.
I tease her
and then retreat
but she’ll get me
in the end.
She gets us all.

– Lennie Bezwik

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