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The Bottle

The bottle chases me
wherever I go.
She’s calm in
the day but runs in
the night when I’m
too tired to get away.

She catches me,
grabs me, seduces me.
Let’s do it again she says.
You know it’s good she says.
I fall weak and tell her
fuck it then, let’s do it.

I love it when we’re
together and thirst for
her when she’s away
but I know she’s poison.
I need something

– Lennie Bezwik


Savage Paradise

If at first
you don’t succeed,
for me there is
no trying,
only a half-empty
wine bottle
rolling down
a hill towards
the savage paradise
and its innocent
creatures who slaughter
for survival and
all living things
must perish.

That’s the natural world,
either embrace all or
die suffering.

My bottle keeps
rolling on,
I just hope it doesn’t
before the flavours are
consumed by
the same tribes
I’m hiding from.

– Lennie Bezwik

Shady Lady

shady lady
This girl is
like a shadow,
when I move
she walks away

but when I turn
and flee
she follows,
begging me to stay.

– Lennie Bezwik

A Hunter Like Me

and I said to young Jamal,
you can do it
but you’ll have to be a hunter,
a hunter like me.

The difference between me
and them is this;
they sat at the table,
they waited and talked
and smiled and chilled,
all comfy all cosy,
and dinner was served to them
on a shiny plate
with silver cutlery
in an atmosphere that’s luxury to us,
and young Jamal listened

but the difference with me,
I told him, is this;
I was left out on my own
in the woods with no food,
so I had to be a hunter,
it was tiring and frightening
and exhausting and painful
but I had to do it,
chasing the wild boar,
running from the wild cats,
thinking hard to make new tools,
building my shelter and staying alert,
pursuing my prey and aiming with precision,
piercing the beast with the spear in my hand,
hearing the squeals and seeing the blood
and bringing back meat to survive on
and chew on and tasting it with more pride
and pleasure than ever
cos I know that I’m a hunter

and the statues at the tables,
wining and dining,
I’ve finally met and they look at me
like I’m a savage, a threat,
and yes I’m fully dressed,
and yes I’m fully fed,
and somehow they assume I’m one of them
but with a heart of lead
and the mind of a serpent
but they haven’t got a clue
about how I got clothed
and how I got fed
and how I survived only by fighting,
instead they’re confused and threatened
by the outsider

so even these days,
I’m still on my own
and I tell you this Jamal
cos you don’t have to starve
for the rest of your life,
you can eat and live better
but they aint gonna let you
join their table,
you’ve gotta go hunt,

cos you can be hunter
and set yourself free,
yeah you can be a hunter,
a hunter like me.

– Lennie Bezwik

Beer and Me

At night
I try telling death to
fuck off

by drinking
the bubbling elixir
of death

which only
brings death even closer
to me,

such is
the madness of man’s lust
for beer.

– Lennie Bezwik

Red Phone Box

red telephone box
A red phone box in London,
everybody else walks past,
the tourists aim cameras
at nearby monuments,
then shrink into the distance
towards another statue,
the workers rush past
the crowds to catch red buses
or descend underground
where tube trains shoot past
in all directions like
a storm of meteors,
and when the rain falls
umbrellas are raised
and people scatter
but the red phone box
stands alone,
pounded by the falling floods,

alone in the day
when swarms of people huddle past,
alone in the night
when only drunks search for a way home

and the footsteps never stop coming
from ahead
and the footsteps never stop coming
from behind
and the sun never stops rising
in the east
and the sun never stops setting
in the west
and the rain never stops visiting
and the grey clouds never stop trying
to hide the forgotten blue
and the tourists never stop moving
along their trail of statues
and the workers never stop running
from home to the workplace,

a red phone box in London,
no journey and no destination.
If I could I would give her legs,
put some coins in her and say
“go, you’re free” and she’d say
“go where?” and I’d say
“anywhere and everywhere
just keep going that way
where the sun sets,
see the other busy London streets,
the boujie wine bar avenues,
the concrete space-age council estates,
the white and leafy suburbs,
the green hills in the countryside
and the fresh and pure smell of autumn leaves
in the soaking rain,
and keep going until you find it”
and she’d say “what is it?”
and I’d say ”it for you is different to it for me
and only you can find it and feel it
and know that it is yours”
and she’d say “but what about the pavement here?”
and I’d say “what about it?
have no fear
the world is yours.”

– Lennie Bezwik

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